Granite Tiles Oakville Creates an Inspiring and Durable Kitchen Floor

Granite - A Stone that Inspires Confidence
The very word ‘granite' inspires confidence. For example, it is the name of one of Toronto's premier social clubs and immediately conjures up images of stolid corporate kingpins making nation-changing deals. In truth, the name probably derives from The Granite Club's more humble beginnings as a curling rink – which uses granite stones.
Speaking of those stones: the sport of curling relies on them. The original Scots understood that only the strength of granite could withstand the constant bashing they take. Curling stones could also be ground smooth, so as to float over the surface of a rink.
The Scots were not the first to see the merits of granite. The ancient Red Pyramid of Egypt was named for the crimson hue of its exposed granite surfaces. Centuries later, with advancing cutting techniques developed by the Scots, granite became popular as a flooring stone in public buildings and home foundations.
And finally – when all that building and curling was done, it was under granite stones that the elites chose to be buried. Many pyramids boasted granite sarcophagi and, back in England, Queen Victoria chose to be buried in a granite sarcophagus at Frogmore. Their tombs would forever withstand the elements, and bear testimony to historic lives lived. And – though they couldn't have known it at the time – granite is not affected by acid rain.
Granite Goes Indoors!
Granite has also gone indoors. It has become the upscale material of choice for kitchen counter tops and flooring. For the former, it has advantages of durability and heat resistance. The stone's density protects it against chipping, denting or scratching.
Granite flooring tiles are a blend of minerals and are hard to differentiate from larger granite slabs. It is tiles that have become the popular flooring choice, offering solid protection against damage, which is especially welcome in high traffic areas. Tiles are easy to install, versatile in shape, and come in an astonishing array of colours and patterns.
Granite tiles – and counters – are low maintenance as far as cleaning. Countertops should be sealed but most cleaning operations require warm water and a mild soap.
Granite is expensive but studies have shown that the added value it gives a home outweighs its cost. It adds a ‘wow factor'. As Egypt's pharaohs – and Toronto's early Granite Club socialites knew – granite makes a statement of worth and prestige.
Who are you going to call?
Granite is not a matter of going to a big box retailer and dragging home a box of tiles. It requires professional installation. Visit a showroom – one with a large selection - and look at stone samples. If possible, see the stone in as large form as possible, to get a true idea of its shade. But you do need a specialist. This is a purchase that should be done with people who are experts. Look for a local company that's been around for a while, and has a track record of satisfying its customers. Educate yourself before you visit and ask questions. A good dealer will appreciate your engagement and knowledge of the product.